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Dump Dinners

by Telebrands
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The cookbook that makes it simple to create nutritious meals in minutes.
  • Easy to Follow Recipes
  • Make Full Meals in less than 15 Minutes
  • Offers More than 200 Family Recipes

Product Description

DUMP DINNERS as seen on TV is the cookbook that makes it simple to create nutritious, mouth-watering meals in minutes. Dump Dinners' recipes are so easy to follow - just dump in the ingredients and bake! Dump Dinners offers more than 200 family-sized recipes, including: skillet beefy pasta, chicken pot pie casserole, deep dish pizza, easy cheesy tacos, and shortcut ravioli lasagna. No more boiling, browning or sauteing - just dump and bake, it's that easy.

Dump Dinners is a hard to find hard cover recipe book for when you have no time! Make amazing and full meals in less than 15 minutes.

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Dump Dinners Reviews

Dump Dinners Reviews

Dump Dinners
1 star rating by on 06/01/2015

The books had very few pictures. I like to see the dishes as prepared, so I can know if mine turned out right. I was very disappointed in this book! I saw various recipes that were easily  quickly prepared on TV, but when looking at the recipes in the book, I didn't think I even had the right one when compared to the ad I saw on TV!

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Dump Dinners
5 star rating by on 07/19/2019

Simple and tasty recipes with ingredients I already have on hand. Great for those evenings I want good food with little effort.

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Dump Dinners
5 star rating by on 08/17/2016

I ordered this for my mother and she told me that is has cut her cooking time off by 20-30 minutes. She love it. So I would recommend this Dump Dinners.

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Dump Dinners
4 star rating by on 06/07/2015

with a few basic ingredients you can whip up some delicious meals.

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