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Enjoy hard boiled eggs without peeling a single shell!
  • No peeling
  • Perfect for deviled eggs, salads, and more

Product Description

The Eggies Deluxe Plastic Egg Cooker Set makes it possible to finally enjoy hard-boiled eggs without peeling a single shell. Just crack, cook, and twist! Eggies are fast and easy to use, making them perfect for working people, stay-at-home moms, babysitters, and grandparents. Your eggs will come out perfectly boiled and ready for use when making deviled eggs, egg salads, and Eggs Benedict. You can even season your eggs before cooking them for perfect recipes every time.


2 Double-Sized Scrambler Eggies

2 Jumbo Sized Omelet Eggies

2 Egg Separators

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Eggies Reviews

Eggies Reviews

3 star rating by on 09/10/2015

I love hard boiled eggs,they are the perfect snack, so I boil and peel at least a dozen eggs every week. I was so excited to see this product because NOBODY likes to peel eggs! Anyway, what they don't show in the ad is that each eggie is four pieces. You need to have the eggie assembled and wipe the inside with oil to create the "non-stick" effect. The water needs to be boiling before you put the eggs in (ouch..splash effect!)and they take longer to cook because the plastic is thicker than an eggshell. The egg comes out sort of squashed and has a rubbery texture. Then you have to wash all of the pieces (they are dishwasher safe). After the free bonus set, I paid about $26 for twelve eggies and two egg slicers....great idea, needs work to make it worth the trouble

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