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Ladybug Land
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Ladybug Land

by Insect Lore
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Discover ladybug metamorphosis in the Ladybug Land!
  • SEE Through DOMED Habitat
  • WATCH All Stages of Metamorphasis
  • Watch the Larvae GROW

Product Description

Discover ladybug metamorphosis in the Ladybug Land As Seen On TV! Send in the included coupon and receive your fascinating Pink Spotted ladybug larvae by mail. The see-through domed habitat allows you to get a bug's eye view as you watch the small larvae eat and drink from special gels, form cocoons, and emerge as adult ladybugs!

Note: Please allow approximately 3 weeks for your larvae to develop. During extremely hot or cold weather, delivery of live larvae may be delayed. Available only in the Continental U.S. and Alaska. Note that a $5.00 shipping charge applies for delivery of live caterpillars. Ages 4 & up.
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Ladybug Land Reviews

Ladybug Land Reviews

Ladybug Land
4 star rating by on 09/14/2015

My 4 year old daughter is a ladybug nut. We got this for Christmas and sent away for our larvae which come in a tube in the mail with all the food they need. Even the adults were fascinated watching the larvae turn to pupa and then to ladybugs. The customer service was very helpful when we called because our bugs stopped doing anything. They told us the bugs were "dormant" because it was too cold in my daughters room. We moved them to a warmer spot and within 30 minutes had ladybugs!! Definitely worth the cost. It is clean and sturdy thank goodness! Although the inside does get slightly messy (of course). We loved it.

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Ladybug Land
5 star rating by on 09/02/2015

I bought this for my son's third birthday. He's already an avid entomologist. The larvae arrived just as expected already shedding its skin, which each one did multiple times. It was fascinating for my husband and me as well. The three of us found ourselves glued together watching these amazing creatures as the larvae shed it's final skin and entered the pupa stage. Several days after the fully-formed ladybugs emerged (they were yellow at first), we set them free into our back yard. They have a distinct appearance which is slightly different than the ladybugs we're accustomed to seeing around here. Therefore we have been able to easily identify them when we come across them in our yard. We received about 14 or 15 ladybug larvae and all survived to become ladybugs except for one, which I consider to be pretty impressive. The container was especially effective because my son was not able (or tempted) to manhandle to ladybugs, yet it was easy to keep the water filled with...

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