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LED Kitchen Garden
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LED Kitchen Garden

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Enjoy your favorite fresh herbs year round!
  • Grow up to 72 Plants at ONE TIME
  • Five Plant Types and Three Growth Phases
  • Grow Settings of Sunrise and Sunset

Product Description

The LED Kitchen Garden lets you enjoy your favorite fresh herbs year round with an annual operating cost of only $12. Stay environmentally conscious as the light source life is almost 12 years long when operated for 20 hours a day, and can be used to grow up to 72 plants at one time. With the LED Kitchen Indoor Garden, you have settings for five plant types and three grow phases, along with the ability to select sunrise or sunset grow settings.

The LED Kitchen Garden lets you experience the joy of worry-free, all-season gardening. The LED Kitchen Garden's superior LED grow light extends the growing season in both warm and cold climates to help you grow all-natural herbs, small fruits or vegetables (as many as 72 plants at one time) indoors or out - all year long, no green thumb required.

The LED Kitchen Indoor Garden uses NASA-inspired technologies and revolutionizes the way we grow indoors, allowing for optimal plant growth while leaving only a minimal trace on the environment. And because the LED Kitchen Garden grow light uses only a fraction of the energy of other broad-spectrum grow lights, the unit produces very little heat...barely impacting your energy bills .

With the LED Kitchen Herb Garden you can save money by growing your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, plants and flowers. You add soil, seeds and water...the LED Kitchen Garden's proprietary programmable Grow Logic light does the rest!

Shop for the LED Kitchen Garden and enjoy the tastes of fresh herbs and vegetables all the year through!
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LED Kitchen Garden Reviews

LED Kitchen Garden Reviews

LED Kitchen Garden
5 star rating by on 05/17/2011

Interesting use of light frequency for different stages. My indoor seeds have sprouted before their outdoor counterparts. Will continue monitoring the difference between the two and see which one has best results.

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