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Mattress Genie

by Contour Products
4.5 50 rating stars     2 reviews

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Mattress Genie turns any mattress into an adjustable bed.
  • Aids with Acid Reflux, Heartburn and MORE
  • Elevates the Head to ANY Angle
  • Turn ANY Mattress into an Adjustable Bed

Product Description

Mattress Genie turns any mattress into an adjustable bed. Mattress Genie adjustable bed wedge elevates the head the mattress to an angle that best suits your needs. Mattress Genie, as seen on TV, helps with acid reflux, heartburn or indigestion. Can help ease breathing, congestion and snoring. Great for reading, watching TV, working on the computer or eating breakfast in bed.

Mattress Genie fully inflates in less than a minute, raising the head of your mattress up to 26" or 40 degrees and holds up to 1000 pounds. Works on all major brands types of mattress except waterbeds. Contour Mattress Genie is an affordable alternative to expensive hospital or mechanical beds. Includes Mattress Genie, Mattress Genie Pump with 7' cord, Control with 8" cord. Buy Mattress Genie today - you'll be glad you did!

Available in TWIN, FULL, QUEEN, and KING sizes. Choose which size you're ordering from the drop menu before adding to cart.
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Mattress Genie Reviews

Mattress Genie Reviews

Mattress Genie
5 star rating by on 09/19/2015

This is a heavy duty river raft type material, it's tough. This lift is far superior than a mattress wedge. I took into account that I wasn't getting a $2,000.00 lift bed,so the performace is good but it isn't the same as a lift mattress. The air pressure holds 100% for months at a time. The only neative thing I've noticed is the air pump sounds like a vacum cleaner,loud! The lift has no warranty and once you buy it and it works without any problem you own it.

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Mattress Genie
3 star rating by on 09/05/2015

We ended up returning ours. To get the head up about 6 inches for reflux sufferers, it will "bend" the mattress. You cannot create a diagonal surface if you need to go 5-6" high, and we think a diagonal surface is better for stomach sleepers. You can definitely be comfortable with this as a back sleeper and perhaps as a side sleeper. It is more like the feel you'd get from sleeping with a bed wedge instead of the feel you get from putting the head posts up on blocks. Another other big issue was that, for the king size version of this at least, it creates a "waterbed" like feel. When one person gets in bed, we found it tended to roll the other person around a little. Again, this is when it was inflated to bring the mattress up about 6". It may be that if you're inflating it much higher than that you won't feel it because the unit is more full and less squishy. It does seem like a sturdy piece. We are going to look for frame inserts that allow for a straight...

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