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No Fog Cloth
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No Fog Cloth

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Prevent foggy mirrors with the Cadie No Fog Cloth!
  • For mist free bathroom mirrors and car windshields
  • Ideal for kitchen windows and eyeglasses
  • The secret is in the cloth

Product Description

"The secret is in the cloth!"

For mist free bathroom mirrors, windows, and even car windshields!. Cadie No Fog Cloth is a specially treated cotton cloth that stops car windows and bathroom mirrors from fogging with just a wipe. Also ideal for kitchen windows and eyeglasses. Reusable long-lasting treated cloth.
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No Fog Cloth Reviews

No Fog Cloth Reviews

No Fog Cloth
5 star rating by on 06/30/2019

Used on my glasses, I get out of my air conditioned car into the outside heat without being blinded by fogged glasses. Awesome!

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