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Obsidian Slide Board

by Obsidian
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Slide into the best shape of your life with the Obsidian Slide Board.
  • Burn twice the calories in half the time.
  • Over 30 Exercises on 3 DVD's.
  • Slide into the best shape of your life.

Product Description

animationSlide into the best shape of your life with the original Obsidian Slide Board. This revolutionary workout combines cardio, resistance training, speed and agility, balance, flexibility, and core exercises to tone and shape key muscle groups. It is an extreme calorie-burner that incorporates high intensity and low impact training to not only strengthen accessory muscle groups but also to build a strong core, healthy posture, and confidence! As an exercise product, it will also improve your heart and lung functions to help reduce the risk of heart disease. This workout system includes the easy-to-store slide board, a user-friendly instruction manual, three workout routine DVDs, and one pair of mitts and booties. The Obsidian Slide Board will challenge and inspire users to improve their physical and mental capabilities through mountain climbing, squatting, lunging, and sliding their way into the ultimate fitness level.

Longing for flat abs, toned arms, a firm butt, and lean legs? This Total Fitness Program helps you, the beginner or expert, burn twice the calories in half the time! The DVD exercise program integrates upbeat music, two personal trainers, and a determined group performing the same exercises along with you. The major weight loss and tone to your muscles will have you craving for more energetic and strenuous exercise routines. With over 100 fat burning workouts, you will never be bored with this slide board. The Obsidian Slide Board will maximize the number of calories you burn during and after your workout.

The original 5' and custom 6' slide boards are utilized to combine full body cardio and muscle building workouts to be in the best shape of your life. While it is fun and easy to use, the OSB helps you tackle your workout fears and discover a motivation for regular training. The Obsidian Slide Board even offers a Lifetime Guarantee. So take your workout to the next level by toning the right way and blasting the fat away!
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Obsidian Slide Board Reviews

Obsidian Slide Board Reviews

Obsidian Slide Board
1 star rating by on 01/03/2018

slide board is too small for adult use, it should be longer for more of a leg stretch and it was not a value for what you get.

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