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Tomato Patch
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Tomato Patch

by Spark Innovators
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The Easiest Way To Grow Tomatoes.
  • Durable, weather resistant construction
  • No digging or weeding
  • No tools required.

Product Description

Grow juicy and delicious tomatoes fast and easy, and without the hard work! With Tomato Patch, all you really need to do is fill it with soil, plant your tomatoes in them, regularly water your plants and after some time, you will get the healthy tomato plants with the tomatoes that you are after. Tomato Patch allows for proper aeration of the soil and also allows the sun to adequately shine on your tomato plants just like in a green house. Due to its compact size, you can also grow your tomatoes anywhere, whether inside or outside your home. Due to the fact that your tomato plants are isolated in their own Tomato Patch box, there is no need for you to dig or weed your tomato plants. This means that your plants will not have competition for nutrients, which allows them to grow fast and healthy with very little hassle on your part.

Adjustable Raised Garden Bed 20" by 20" Square or 30" x 10" Rectangle
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Tomato Patch Reviews

Tomato Patch Reviews

Tomato Patch
3 star rating by on 07/29/2019

Was not what I was expecting but used it and it worked okay.

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