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Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit

by Slobproof

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Make your walls and trim look new again
  • All-in-one wall repair kit
  • Cover dings, scratches or any other minor damage to painted surfaces
  • Each paint pen holds enough paint for hundreds of touch-ups

Product Description

Make your walls and trim look new again with the Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit by SlobProof.

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to spruce up a room until real life resumes and the blemishes start to multiply. Scratches, nicks, scuff marks, nail holes. The Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit makes it easy to touch up your paint without digging through paint cans, hoping for a match that isn't dried out. This amazing kit includes even includes nail hole filler, spreader for applying filler and sanding block for smoothing surface.

It is easy to use, fill pen directly from the paint can using the syringe.

Nylon brush-head and twist-activated barrel give precision control for mess-free projects.

Simply rinse the brush-head, replace the protective cap and conveniently store in a drawn when finished for future use. Keeps paint vacuum sealed for years of use, no more crusty paint cans

Each paint pen holds enough paint for hundreds of touch-ups

Includes nylon brush tip for precision control and syringe for easy filing.

Perfect for easy, mess-free touch-ups to any painted surface, no paint brush or paint can needed.

A must-have for every home owner. Also, great for art and craft.

Includes 5 Touch-up paint pens, 5 syringes (for easily filling paint pens), 5 sticker labels for paint pens, tube of nail hole filler, plastic spreader, sanding block and plastic storage case.

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Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit Reviews

Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit Reviews

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