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Tuff Glove
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Tuff Glove

by Ontel
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Superior Heat and Fire Protector
  • Create Secure Grip
  • Fits Comfortably on either hand
  • Machine Washable

Product Description

Tuff Glove Hot Surface Protector Save your hands with Tuff Glove! The incredible multipurpose glove that protects your hands from temperatures up to 480 degrees.

Grab that hot, heavy roasting pan and you won't even feel the heat! Move racks in the oven and don't be burned by hot steam lids anymore! Perfect for outdoor grilling, Tuff Glove is made of flame resistant ultra high tech fibers that keep the heat out and leave your hand safe inside!

The ergonomic design allows each glove to be worn on the left or right hand without issue and best of all - they are machine washable! Features: Superior Heat and Fire Protector Fit Comfortably on either hand Machine Washable. Create Secure Grip Use cooking baking or Grilling Military Technology Includes 1 x Pair of Tuff Glove
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Tuff Glove Reviews

Tuff Glove Reviews

Tuff Glove
5 star rating by on 08/17/2016

The Tuff Glove is everything it claims to be. I can feel no heat when I grab a pan out of the oven. I am very satisfied.

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Tuff Glove
5 star rating by on 05/16/2019

Love these oven gloves. They work so much better at protecting my hands then regular hot pads.

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Tuff Glove
5 star rating by on 12/09/2017

Made in China which I try to avoid, however, they are well made. Durability undetermined but expect to last as long as the ove-glove they replaced.

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