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Twin Draft Guard Extreme
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Twin Draft Guard Extreme

by Hampton Direct
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Keep heat and air conditioning from escaping and save on energy costs.
  • 36% Larger TUBES for Large GAPS
  • Blocks dust, odors, insects and NOISE
  • Energy Saving Solution

Product Description

Twin Draft Guard Extreme

Keep heat and air conditioning from escaping. Twin Draft Guard Extreme has 36% larger tubes, a full 2' diameter for extra large gaps.

Twin Draft Guard rolls over carpet or any flooring. This simple energy-saving solution also blocks dust, odors, insects, and noise.

Removable fabric cover makes machine-washing easy.

The draft guard is easily trimmed to fit your door and has an adjustable closure for a secure custom fit for all door widths. The draft guard makes heating and cooling your home more efficient and provides double-sided protection from drafts, fumes, noise and insects.

Simply slide it on the bottom of your door and it glides with the door on all types of floors: carpets, wood, tile and linoleum.


Cold air stays out

Heat stays in

2" Diameter tubes to block extra large gaps under doors

Double-sided protection from drafts, fumes, noise and insects

Fits doors up to 36" wide

No need to reposition

Glides with the door on all types of floors: carpet, wood, tile, and linoleum

For interior and exterior doors

Machine washable twill cover
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Twin Draft Guard Extreme Reviews

Twin Draft Guard Extreme Reviews

Twin Draft Guard Extreme
4 star rating by on 09/19/2015

Thicker and higher quality than the one advertised on TV. Easily modified to fit specific door widths. For problems with it staying in place, use thumb tacks to attach it to the bottom of the door. Was satisfied enough with the first one to purchase two more, one for each exterior door. Recommended!

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Twin Draft Guard Extreme
5 star rating by on 09/09/2015

I found the original to have mixed reviews so I bought the extreme, which is fatter. It fits perfect, and took about 90 seconds to assemble. It does work very well. we have carpet, and the outside is an enclosed porch so we don't have to worry about it getting wet. on the outside of our door is a metal base, I was worried it would jam but it glided right up and over it. also, when you fold and velcro the end you inserted the tubes, fold it like the end of a present, like a triangle, and tightly velcro shut. Because the end of the fabric was stuffing the door a little. It even went right over our old draft guard. I give it a solid 5 stars.

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