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Wireless Alarm System
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Wireless Alarm System

by Bell + Howell
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Install an Alarm System in your home without spending hundreds of dollars!
  • Batteries Included FREE
  • Includes 4 Alarm Magnet Sets
  • Simple to Install No TOOLS Needed

Product Description

Feel Safe at Home! Every door and window in your home needs one! Stop intruders! These Bell + Howell Wireless Alarms fit on doors, screen doors, windows and cabinets, and send a loud warning when they are opened. Or just flip a switch and hear a pleasant chime instead! Installs in seconds without tools. Just peel and stick each self-adhesive alarm where you want it. These Bell + Howell Wireless Alarms protect your home for thousands of dollars less than security systems. FREE batteries included. Set of 4. Save hundreds on costly alarm systems

Bell+Howell Sonic Alarm Systems Wireless/Battery Operated is great for doors, windows and cabinets. It is a 90db alarm and when the magnetic contact is broken, the alarm will sound. It has three settings, alarm, chime and off.
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Wireless Alarm System Reviews

Wireless Alarm System Reviews

Wireless Alarm System
4 star rating by on 09/19/2015

This is a very good product for anyone on a budget that wants to sleep better at night and cannot afford a monthly paid alarm system. Loud enough to wakeup even a heavy sleeper to alert to a possible breakin. A little tricky to install but worth the effort. I purchased 2 sets to cover both doors and windows.

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Wireless Alarm System
5 star rating by on 09/14/2015

Just a line here: I've had this type of alarm before. The one I had before and this one work great for what they do. Now, for the down side. On those old doors--like what I have--in those hundred year old houses--like what I have--the doors are 'sunk' into the wall deeper than in the more modern houses. In modern houses the door is usually flush with the wall and door frame. It's easy to put a deadbolt on that type of door. But the older house's outside doors are sunk in deeper. You will have trouble fitting one of these magnetic type alarms to the door frame and door. I had to turn mine upside down and put it on backwards (the adhesive side still goes up against the door and frame) and only found one spot on the entire door it would work. But like I said, these types of alarms are great at what they do...I recommend them--when these stop working I will get more. BYE!

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Wireless Alarm System
4 star rating by on 08/26/2016

be sure that both surfaces are relatively flat.

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Wireless Alarm System
5 star rating by on 04/24/2017

Works great

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